Dear Church Family,


The word REVITALIZATION means to restore or to refresh. Cities, towns, and neighborhoods go through revitalization to attract visitors and to provide a healthy and growing place for its citizens. Businesses and financial institutions go through revitalization to keep up with the global market. Hospitals and urgent care centers revitalize in order to provide better health care to our communities. Everything in this world will eventually need to be revitalized, even the church.


Church Revitalization is an opportunity for us to refocus the ministries of EBBC, and to remember the true reason we exist as the body of Christ. It is not a program that measures the things that in the past represented church growth. In the past, high worship attendance, increased giving of tithes and offerings, and more programs to support the ministries of the church were the way we measured the effectiveness of the church. None of these are bad, and none of these are particularly wrong, but they are not the true way to measure if a church is living out its biblical mandate. Church Revitalization begins by asking the question, are we making disciples that make disciples. Making disciples is the heart of Church Revitalization because this is what Jesus told his disciples to do before he ascended back to the Father. (Matthew 28: 18-20)


The only true measurement of obedience for the church is determined by discipleship. Are we helping others learn from the scripture what Jesus taught and are we putting it into practice in our daily lives? This is the heart of Church Revitalization.


Zach and I are excited about God and how he is working to restore and refresh the ministries of EBBC. We encourage you all to be a part of this wonderful faith journey by making prayer and bible study a daily priority in your life.


To the Praise of His Glory!



Pastor Jeff